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Mission Aadhaar Stambh is a non profit organization based in Indore. Aadhaar Stambh aims to bring sunshine into the lives of underserved sections of society that require intervention. Registered in 2021 as a non profit organization, Aadhaar Stambh Care works to empower vulnerable children , women and youth, in 2 cities across 1 states of India .

Here we want to connect with you regarding our healthcare project called "Swarnprashan".

The main method described in the Kashyap Samhita is as follows:

  • Take small water and Pure Gold. Rub gold in the water on a clean grinding stone facing east direction.
  • Now, mix water and rubbed gold with Honey and Cow's Ghee.
  • This mixture is given to the child to increase non-specific immunity.

But this process is not easy to follow so we have brought the easy solution of it, like swarnprasan drops.

Q. What is Suvarnaprashan ?

Suvarnaprashan means administering Swarna / Gold Bhasma to children by mixing it with honey, ghee etc. It is one of the 16 rites to be performed for a human being. It is an important milestone in an individual's journey of life.

Q. Is Suvarnaprashan good for babies?

Suvarna prashan increases immunity power and develops resistance against common infections, thus prevents children from falling ill very often. 2. It builds physical strength, body growth (height, weight) in children and enhances physical activities, and also improves stamina for the same.

Q. How is Suvarnaprashan made?

Suvarnaprashan is made by Suvarna Bhasma (purified Gold Ash) and other important herbs. Suvarnaprashan are done in every Pushya Nakshatra for getting its excellent health benefits. Overall Suvarnaprashan makes child healthier both physically and mentally.

Q. When do we give Swarna Prashana?

It can be given from birth up to 16 years of age. It is given with clarified butter and honey in a dose of two drops up to 6 months and four drops after 6 months. It can be given daily for a minimum of 30 days and maximum of 180 days.


1. Excellence and Equity in Education Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world and the most effective way to break out of the cycle of poverty . Yet , after 70 years of Independence , over two crore children ( NSS - 2014 ) still remain out - of - school in India . These children are not only deprived of their right to receive an education but they lose their childhood to earn bread for a living .

2. Knowledge - Based Schooling Knowledge - based schooling puts the emphasis of early education on teaching and learning an enabling core of broadly shared knowledge - enabling because it builds strong foundations for later learning and opens doors to effective participation and mutual understanding in the wider society.

Vision :

1. With the help of common man, Corporates & Established Institutions we will create values ; enhance skillful environment & Uplift social & Financial level into the different segment of the society & Bring change into the lives of people with the Emotional, Financial & Social development Support so that they can feel and be Empowered.

2. The cycle of crime & poverty is interlinked, that further leads to the social stigma of criminalization often leading to an intergenerational cyle of deprivation that people cannot break out from.

3. To make people discover their potential for action and change,

4. To enable people's collective and movements encompassing diverse segments . to pledge their particular strengths . working in partnership to secure. protect the rights of common people

We believe that we can save
more lifes with you.


Education welfare officers aim to make sure that young people get the best possible education.


We work in prevention, treatment, recovery, or cure of diseases, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in people.

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If you have books you can donate us. We will provide to those who are actually in a need. Simple way to do Good.